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Window Tinting Blacktown has been in the car window tinting industry for many years, and although we are based in the Blacktown area, we have been providing car window tinting services to car owners Sydney wide! We offer a variety of car window tints and films that we can install for you. Our expert team will ensure you get the perfect fit for your vehicle's windows so that they are protected from UV rays!

Our car window tinting service can help keep your car cooler during the summer months by blocking up to 85% of UV rays. This also means that you will need less air conditioning which saves on car running costs! Not only does car window tinting provide a lasting solution for reducing energy consumption, but it is also an effective way to lower rising fuel and maintenance expenses. The team at Window Tinting Blacktown are the experts in car window tints Sydney wide. We offer a complete range of services so call us today on (02) 8848 8066.

We understand that car window tints are not just about looking good and keeping your vehicle cool. Window tinting is designed to protect the interior of your car from fading due to sun exposure. This means that you can keep your car in top condition for years to come!

We offer car window tinting services at our Blacktown based workshop (or mobile) where we take care of all aspects – including measuring up windows so they fit perfectly on your vehicle's frames, installing them securely with a high-quality glue, and giving it an attractive finish. We also provide quality assurance by checking after installation if there are any air bubbles or other defects before applying UV protection solution over the entire surface area. To find out more about our car window tinting in Sydney services, get in touch with our professional and friendly team.

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Applying tinting foil on a car window in a auto service. Red car at background
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Our business is a family-owned business and it is run by families, for families! We have a variety of window tint services to choose from.

  • Cars: Providing paint protection as well as protecting the occupants and the interior's condition for years to come!
  • Home Window Tinting: Darken your home to help save on power bills!
  • Office Window Tinting: Protect your business with our commercial window film installation service!

Based in Blacktown and the surrounding suburbs, but provide our tinting services across Sydney (including the CBD). We can visit you at work or even if you prefer we will come out with our mini trucks/vans so that no time is wasted waiting for us outside.

We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers with our premium window tinting Sydney service. Our prices are affordable, safety is paramount (our ultimate goal). we only use the top installers and the latest and greatest technology in tinting films and window films. Our warranty is simple, if you're not happy, neither are we. Our service is catered to suit your needs and we offer free consultations that are no obligation. We follow all Australian regulations and rules around tinting, noting that the NSW darkest legal tint is 35%.

Is window tinting good for your car?

I suppose that we are a little biased, however, here are the facts when it comes to the benefits of tinting your car windows. In short, Tinting car windows reduces the car's exposure to UV rays, heat and glare (which is important in Sydney's climate!).

  • Reduces exposure to UV rays:

UV radiation is what makes our skin age prematurely from all those harmful sunburns. The ultraviolet (UV) light in sunlight can scatter inside of a vehicle through any window or glass surface. If these surfaces are tinted, less than five percent of this scattered light will enter the cabin, which means there should be an 80% decrease in our susceptibility for premature aging caused by UV damage on uncoated windshields and side mirrors alone!

  • Heat reduction:

It may seem strange but most car windows do not come with insulation! That means car windows have the potential to let in heat, which can then cause your car's AC and battery life to corrode. Tinted car windows provide heat rejection and can reduce these effects by up to 60%.

  • Reduced glare:

Clear window film will also help shield you from that annoying sunlight reflecting off vehicles or water when driving on highways - this is known as "glare" and it causes unsafe conditions for drivers. Window tinting reduces glare significantly because of its ability to absorb light while still filtering out UV rays; so if there is too much sun, get car window tinting!

Window Tinting Blacktown worker applying tint onto a window

Tinting & Window Films

There are many different types of tints and films that we offer for your car. Some car window films are reflective, some absorb heat and others still provide UV protection from the sun.

  • Reflective car window film: reflects glare, has a blue tint and is primarily used for privacy purposes
  • Heat absorbing car window film: protects against overheating in hot climates
  • Solar shield car window film: blocks up to 85% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause skin cancer or cataracts.

Tinting Sydney

Although we are based in Blacktown, our services extend across Sydney, so contact us today for your window tinting in Sydney needs.